Tips On Saving Water...

During droughts or other emergencies, you may be asked to help by conserving water. You'll be surprised at how much you can save without hardship right in your own home. Some of the economies you can practice are:

  1. Take showers instead of a bath. The usual bath requires 36 gal, a usual shower 25 gal; 20 gal is enough for a bath, 10 gal is enough for a shower if you turn it off while you lather.
  2. Turn the water off while you're shaving. A running tap shave uses about 20 gal and besides it will steam up your mirror.
  3. Have flushometer toilets reset to use 3.5 instead of the normal 5 to 8 gal per flush.
  4. Reset the float in your toilet tank to turn the water off at a lower level.
  5. Don't flush the toilet to dispose of cigarette ashes, soiled tissues, etc.
  6. Stopper your sink or use a dishpan when washing dishes; a running water wash uses about 30 gal per meal.
  7. Don't leave the water running when you brush your teeth, Turn it on only when you're actually using it.
  8. Use the basin instead of the shower for your shampoo.
  9. Keep a bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator. Running it until cold will waste a gallon.
  10. Wait until you have a full nine-pound wash before you run your washing machine
  11. Keep your water heater at an even setting. Running water until hot is wasteful.
  12. Think before you turn the tap.


Here are two types of meters, but their functions are the same:

  • The zero on the far right is a solid zero and represents the dial on the meter like the second hand on a clock. However, there are 10 units in a full revolution representing 10 gallons. The meter starts clicking like the odometer on a car starting with ten and the next being one hundred. The background for these numbers are black with white numbers.
  • Starting with one thousand the background on the numbers are white with black numbers.
  • There is a small triangle on all meters that indicates there is a flow of water. If the triangle is rotating, water is flowing through the meter. This is most helpful in identifying leaks in a home or business. If the triangle is turning, start turning items off in the home until the triangle stops. This indicator will save water waste and money if monitored periodically.